…as a single father with a demanding career.

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They say if you love something enough you find a way to do it. Whoever ‘they’ are, I believe them.

What they don’t often tell you is that fear is a powerful dissuader. …

It’s the little things that shape the person.

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They always bring them back. At the end of the day, the house quiet, the day’s work almost done, when I’m going through the remnants of hastily eaten lunches and dirty containers I find a little scrap of paper in each lunchbox.

It’s painted on one side, a little piece…

Nudie films are hardly taboo, but could our sex be better without them?

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I grew up with a very negative view of pornography. That view contorted into shame when paired with my own curiosity and propensity for the stuff. …

And you can too.

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One of my favorite Faulkner quotes is,

“Don’t be a ‘writer.’ Be writing.”

By the same token, I’ve always believed that the only difference between someone who can call themselves a writer and someone who can’t is that the former actually writes.

I suppose I’m fortunate that I feel called…

They say if you eat a frog every morning, the day can only get better from there.

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It’s five a.m. and dark. It’s also cold, the warm softness of my bed beckoning from the bedroom. I’ve managed to make it to the hallway where my phone stays plugged in all night. In my grogginess I fumble with buttons until it stops chiming. …

Why you need to assess personal sentiments

A stoplight
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It was May of 2018 and we had just completed the relocation of our central headquarters and primary operations to a new 45,000 sq foot warehouse.

We had planned for two years, ensuring every aspect of the construction, resulting facility, and organizational readiness for the move was flawless. From a…

One perspective on the intimacy of butt stuff

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The first time I tried anal, it didn’t go great. We had been together for a while, and since I had alluded to a certain curiosity about penetrating her back door we had decided to try it. After a few drinks, with the kids in bed, we thought it was…

An ode to the intensity of stormy sex.

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Monday evening, the storm blowing in over the mountains. The curtain of smoke now familiar to the front range of the Colorado Rockies parts just in time to display a formidable front of cloudcover, heavy grey and ominous.

The breeze sucks a coolness across the plains, drawing up its skirts…

And why you to need to ask it

People having online meeting
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At my organization, one of our core values is accountability, and it is by far my favorite. To me, accountability is one of the cornerstones of a healthy culture, making the difference between a team that can learn from failure and one that is crippled by it.

A high-accountability person…

I believe nice guys should finish last.

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Maybe it’s just my sphere of content preference, but it seems to me that the internet has abounded of late with articles written by both men and women aimed at telling men how to live.

Citing the apparent epidemic of so-called ‘toxic masculinity’ there seems to be an ardent plea…

Grizzley Emerson

In writing, you must kill all your darlings. Connect with me: GrizzleyEmerson@gmail.com

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